How Technology is Keeping Job Sites Safer

As the world moves deeper into the digital age, emerging technologies are being used to make construction sites safer and more efficient. These tools offer the additional benefits of being very affordable and having a low barrier of entry. The following describes how technology is improving the construction industry.


Drones are an advanced method for surveying land, keeping an eye on progress and spotting safety issues. They move much faster than humans and are cheaper to operate than manned aircraft. The devices are able to collect data more quickly and accurately than workers and provide an excellent return on investment. They are also lightweight, quite easy to operate, and have to ability to zoom in for greater detail.

Real Time Location

Many construction companies utilize a real-time location system (RTLS) to synchronize their modeling with the actual built result. This improves job-site safety through tracking worker behavior and locating possible trouble zones. An RTLS uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data and is similar to Boston’s mass transit authority using an app to observe user behavior for service improvement.

Virtual Reality

The term virtual reality conjures up images of video game players wearing headsets over their eyes, but it also has practical uses in the real world. In the construction industry, virtual reality puts everyone at the center of the project and is a very helpful tool for teaching safety protocols. It also educates engineers and architects about the realities of construction as many of them do not have experience on job sites and do not understand the danger involved.

Cloud Computing

Construction companies use cloud computing to store and analyze the data produced by their projects. This provides easy access to information about job sites and the workers involved with them. It also allows companies to be flexible in terms of meetings. Unlike an office, a construction site does not have a conference room, which means meetings must be held through computers and tablets. Having all data stored in a common virtual space is the equivalent of being everywhere at once and makes meetings easier and more efficient.

With the addition of technology, the construction industry will continue to undergo changes as it moves into the future. Contractors have embraced and will continue to use these modern methods to increase efficiency, lower costs and enhance safety at all job sites.