Ellie: Look, we'll never make in time if we only travel at night. Now, I look back over my shoulder to see if I'm being followed and I'm breathing. (takes the reed out of Stu's nose) What are you doing? Manny: [to Ellie] You are so stubborn and hard headed! Sid: Now, how do you expect to impress Ellie with that attitude?! Oso: Snowsuits. Manny Garcia: And these are my tools. To change the seasons, migration instincts, any of this ringing a bell? (climbing back into the hole) I was born in this hole and I'll die in this hole! A giant rock falls right towards them from above], [Thankfully, the rock wedges on the two walls, saving their lives. (to Sliparooni) Sliparooni, do you think you can make air bubbles for the other engines? Marco Polo: Shi La does have a point there. Past, present, future. Crash: I didn't do this! That's the bestest thing I've heard you say in a long time. [Manny got taken aback by this. Kujoic • 1 day ago. Sid: Hee-hee. Twilight Sparkle: And why is there some water around this part of the campsite? Happy New Year to everyone around the world and hopefully have a much better year and go back to the way we used to do. That would make him more relatable. Wiki Content. Toon Age 3: Dawn of the Pokémons (Charlie BrownRockz) Toon Age 4: Continental Drift (Charlie BrownRockz) Toon Age 5: Collision Course (Charlie BrownRockz) Character Age. Trust us. You just want a bodyguard so that you don't become somebody's side dish. Lone Gunslinger: Unless, you can make it to the end of the valley. #popular# Most visited articles. Manny: Ellie, do you realize that now we have a chance to save our species? (chuckles). Ellie and Bradford felt the water beneath their feet and wheels as it starts to flood the cave they're trapped in. [He picks Chico up and carries him to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where the other Disney Junior Gang members are]. The ice is melting. [Everyone sees a woolly mammoth named Manny marching through the crowd, heading north]. [The mini sloths lifts Sid above them and they all danced and sing together], [Then Sid got tied up in vines by the mini sloths, much to his surprise]. Diego, Sid and the Irelanders stop while Crash and Eddie hide behind Ellie and peek out from one of her legs]. Manny: I wasn't saying not right now, um, in time. Can he? Brerdaniel, can you please put Pooh's Adventure Series on Google … Koki: I found that quite hard to believe. This is my cat, Fluffy. (giggles) Sweet dreams, number one assistant. One big happy family. Norman Price: That's right, we're looking at you, seaweed breath! It'll be quieter when you're gone. Shi La: (hugging Koki and Aviva) That is so heartwarming. He stands up and does a karate pose]. Bring me that baby... alive. Female Gastornis: Well, what about the dinosaurs? Mousekatools! Mater: Manny and Ellie, sat beneath a tree. Janja: That's our cue, furbrains. Sid: Because you might be the only two mammoths left on Earth! Ellie: Well, how do I know that those aren't your footprints? She opens her hungry jaws but they get stuck on Manny's tusks which wedge her mouth open. Contented that her son will be taken care of by the heroes, Manny and Sid, she close her eyes and lay her head. Scrat's body gets shrunk up by the stretching, making his foot loses it's grip on the acorn. All animals feel fear. (laughs). He was joking. The water gets higher and soon covers the tree, making Crash, Eddie and Marco lose their grip on the branch but Diego and Martin grabs them by the hand and tail and hold on to the branch. Google Drive doesn't work anymore! The last mammoth. Arnold said that it's a contest. Sid: (walking out from behind the ice) Make me, sir! The ice may be thin but it's strong enough to hold a ten-ton mammoth and nine-ton possum. Male Dung Beetle: (straining) Do we have to bring this crap? Animal 1: Why don't they call it the big chill? What if I am the last mammoth. (eats some blueberries). Then his hearing goes back to normal so he can now hear Diego, the Irelanders and Sid]. [Manny puts on his tool belt and gloves. Er, no offense, guys. He puffs to the other side and sees that it is clear. These guys can protect us out in the open. The way he faced his fear? (referring to Sid). How's that? [seeing some pinecones] What is this? Spencer: It's the least I can do to make up for my misdeeds against you years ago. He looks at it then at the fleeing invaders. (Manny stops with a smirk on his face) I'm stuck. He look up to see a female blue mini sloth holding two rocks and smiling at him], [He gets up and takes the rocks from the mini sloth and look at the other mini sloths]. Heh, to think that I used to not believe in love until I help Big Mac and Sugar Belle get back together again during Hearts and Hooves Day. In the water below, something is moving towards him which James doesn't notice up that something comes out of the water], [Stu dives back underwater and uses the reed as a snorkel. Manny: Great (!) He grabbed a floating log and put it into a hole in the rocks], [James is floating in the water and struggles to swim], [He swims towards James and grabbed him with his arm], [He and James swam over to Crash and Eddie who were hanging onto the branch over the water], [Sid jumps off the rock he and the others are standing on. Penny Morris: Okay. Oso: How can there be a spark in this rain? We'll go for help! More or less. Diego: (to a female ant eater) Possum? These are my brothers. Manny: Because that's what she is! Ellie: Sure. Then Ellie sees a tree nearby. The entire valley's gonna flood! Professor Ludwig Von Drake: I, Professor Von Drake, proudly presents to you all, the Time-Transporter! Ellie: I guess we finally did something right together. Look around. Oliver: Okay. Campo Del Sid. No, no, bad idea. Fast Tony: But a slight chance of patchy sunshine, later in the week. Scrat uses his hands to make sure he's positioned properly then gets a stick. Those will help keep us warm. Come on. Paw Pilot: The Disney Junior Gang's Adventures of Ice Age. [Just then, they heard a rumbling noise. Claw, kick, claw, kick! Flying turtles. Your secret's safe with us. Crash: Manny, Manny. [They advance towards the campsite where two dogs sense their approach and growl and bark at them, alerting the tribe to the attack. Fireman Sam: It's alright, Dash. (picks her up with his trunk and puts her down on the ground) Well, when you tell your burrow story, that's what he'll do. Sid: Okay! And the bear was called Winnie-The-Pooh. Jump! Posts. You go your way, and we'll go ours, seeing as no one wants me around! Transcript to "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Welcome to a transcript of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Special Edition. The Irelanders, Sid, Diego, Crash and Eddie look at Manny who looks rather sad of not being able to confess his feelings. Brontotheres calf: Did the burrow have a grazing problem? Diego charges out of the tent as Nadia runs off with Roshan. Sarah Jones: Oh, I hope we can reach my brother and the others before it gets here. [Crash and Eddie hang upside down in front of Manny], Eddie: And possums rule! (gesturing to Eddie) Possum. (to Ellie while walking over) Manny wants me to ask you if you'd like to escape the flood with us. Even the ant eater and his kids are shocked that they've been proven wrong about Manny being the last mammoth], [Sid, Diego, Crash, Eddie and the Irelanders walk over to the crowd and watch in awe and amazement. Later, the heroes walk across an icy ocean. [to Chico] And Chico, stay indoors, will you? [Then Rookie approaches Frax] Frax: You're an Oni? I'm up! He ends up falling over and rolling around the acorn. Woah! Now what is your real plan? Just like my Norman. Leave our friend alone! Ellie Philips: No, Ashima, if we want to beat the boys, we have to keep going. Sid: No way! I thought the frost wiped them all out. If you play dead, you'll be dead! Since you fall down. Fast Tony: Forget reeds. Manny Garcia: Snowsuits. Let's get the harness on Dash and put him into the truck. Oh no. Suddenly the mountain splits into half. (looks back), [Back at the waterpark, James is sticking his nose in the water and blowing bubbles], [He keeps blowing bubbles. Sid: Well, I think mating for life is stupid. [Sliparooni Star blows an air bubble big enough for Luke to fit inside], [Luke puffs towards the water and disappears behind the surface. Ellie: Crash, ask the mammoth why he thinks that. Donald and Douglas: Do not! Crash and Eddie climb onto a tree branch for safety. A male start is sitting in the shade on a ice formation while a female start is sitting in the sun]. That is really sweet. Giant balls of furry lava! (imitating Ellie) Bravery is just dumb. I remember learning that although I like the sloth's lazy attitude to chillax, it's life is not easy with predators around like harpy eagles and jaguars in the rainforest. He can handle it. [They hurry on towards the cave as the flood continues swallowing everything in it's path. Come on, get moving! Fireman Sam: That doesn't matter, Bagheera. I still have my pride, you know. I'm sure there's crap where we're going. Food, glorious food, marvelous food, fabulous food, beautiful food~, [The vultures look over the cliffs and saw that the heroes are hanging on a tree stump above the ground alive, much to their disappointment]. Hello? Have you seen a mammoth? Male Ox: Don't listen to him, Vera. He took a deep breath and dives into the water. It's just a fact. Ellie: You know, deep down, I knew I was different. Bill: Alright then. You and me, we make a great team with these guys. Jack: Sliparooni's going to make an bubble to keep you from getting wet. [Meanwhile, Arnold's group is heading through their tunnel, Stephen leading the way]. Eddie: There are other lives at sake here! Wait a minute, I thought mammoths were extinct. (feels Crash's pulse) Crash are you okay? Maybe so, Beetles. Transcript [a field is shown as Pooh walks onscreen] Narrator: Once, upon the last day of a Golden Summer, there lived a boy and a bear. He landed on the round part of the earth. Connor Lacey: Manny, Bradford can be a bit of a pain in the neck with his military ways but he is right. You just worry too much like Henry. Who is your decorator? Then his arms start to loses their grip and with a snap, Scrat lets go and falls down to the bottom below just as the water flows beneath him and he is carried away. Manny: (cocking an eyebrow) I don't know. [The trumpeting is heard again and Manny turns left with Diego and the Irelanders following], [Diego and the Irelanders manage to catch up with Manny and Sid], Sid: And he's coming round the corner. Thinking they killed his wife and son, Runar leads the other tribe members and the dogs after them. [Marco lead Shi La away as Spencer and Connor pulled Hiro to safely after a few minutes]. In the other tunnel, Glowy uses her light bulbs to help the girls see in the dark]. That's great love story. We like to have a laugh or two but only when necessary. Martin Kratt: Yeah. Winnie the Pooh and company embark on a quest to rescue Christopher Robin from certain doom in a place called "Skull" after misreading a note he left for them. Facing peril, moments happening. I want us to be together because we want to. Twilight Sparkle: (to Bill, Ben, Max and Monty) And what did Timothy and Jack tell you about getting the kids into your antics? You probably didn't even know what I'm talkin' about. [He and the heroes run off. You're a good friend. Rocks have no fear. James Jones: He's not really dead, is he? Tank engine. Seeing nothing, he got another rock and rub them together, making sparks flew, much to his happiness. [Everyone looks around. You act tough, but deep down, you're a softie. Sid: And, and then she picks this hair off my shoulder and says "Look, if you're gonna have an extra mating dance, at least pick a female with the same colour pelt, right?" Gotta roll! Sid: Manny, who do you like better? Add new page. Those were the good days. Hurricane: She's right! Up above, a turtle and a beaver slide down an ice slide into the water but a freaky mammal gets stuck at the bottom, causing a pileup which sends him skidding into the Baptornis, knocking them over like pins. Hannah Sparkes: Right behind you! Those bad vultures keep giving us a bad name. Korra: No. You got a lot of wood and so do they. (shows how tall the Mini Sloths were with his hands). I, I mean yes, I am. That was my mistake. The Mask: Since now, lover boy. That's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe we can rapidly evolve into water creatures. Manny: (sighs) We'll never make it at this pace. [Ellie looks at them and realizes he's right]. (he dives deeper into the bushes and appears on another log) And for a tiger, it's like crawling on your belly to stalk helpless prey. Monty: (gasp for air) I've got you, Alfie. Manny: You've gotta listen to him! But I'm not gonna carrying you. Have some fun. Manny: And so, in the end, the little burrow reached his mommy and they lived happily ever after. Max, Monty, Bill and Ben: (sighs) Spoilsports. About YakkoWarnerMovies101. He eventually comes across the film's title "The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs". In fact, without me, there wouldn't be a "You". I was..(stutters) I was worship. Whoa! He quickly uses a claw to plug it up, stopping the water. Can't we stop to rest? Hiro: Oh. You can lose the camouflage! Norman Price: It's also that purple reptile thing. Runar wakes up and runs outside. [He runs off. Diego: Yep. I just couldn't help teasing him that's all. We've gotta go! Ellie: Oh, you brave, brave soul. I am not your prey! Manny: Sid, what are you doing? As they saw the cave, they look to see the flood heading their way]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fireman Sam: I'm afraid there's no reasoning with him. She's tons of fun and you're no fun at all. Fireman Sam: Pinkie, as I told Diego earlier, the possums are light weighted animals. If it's not them today, it's just someone else tomorrow. Diego: Hey, if you ever master hygiene, try working on sensitivity. Aviva Corcovado: I don't know but we'd better find the others and get out of here before we become fish food. Manny resurfaced and saw the cave ahead. He have some difficulties climbing it like getting his tongue stuck and nearly falling off but he manages to hold on to the edge by digging his claws and sabre teeth into the ice. Go, go, go. You can do it! Hopefully he'II see that he can have another chance of having love and a family again. Capper: I bet those monsters already chomped him to death. 2,739 Pages. mtur Aug 12, 2019. Ellie: Boy, I really feel for you. Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. His name is Scrat. Scrat tugged until the acorn popped out of the chick's beak and it flew up into the air. Henry Hugglemonster: Whoa. Ellie started to move forward but then something burst up in front of her, making her scream and back up], [Crash and Eddie runs and hide behind Ellie for protection. Kid Hedgehogs: Grandpa, let go of the boat! Sid: Well, shave me down and call me a mallrat. Everybody say "Oh, Toodles!". That's good eating. Frank and Carl stay put for a bit], [Suddenly, Sid and the heroes bump into Manny, who turns and looks down at them], [Hearing Frank and Carl coming, Sid and the Disney Junior Gang turn Manny around]. I was a little bigger than the other possum kids. Sid: (to Diego) Well, it's just you and me now. Now, claw, kick, claw, kick. It changes to a fluffy cloudy area where Scrat pokes his head out and looks around. Manny is pushing the trunk then swim back up to the surface. Sid: Oh, it makes me so... Ooh, I wanna... Yuck. [A turtle stops, stares then carries on. The female beaver snatches the baby beaver out of the way before the slide hits the ground causing it to shake. Manny: Hey, if you find a mate in life, you should be loyal, in your case grateful. Ice Age: The Meltdownis a 2006 Americancomputer-animatedcomedyadventure film. The Irelanders watch with some in tears]. Soto: You'd better. [They look to see Scrat being stretched between the two ice cliffs as they open wider, letting the water flow through the gap. (gets between Norman and Maelstrom) Then we'll do this the hard way! [to Bradford] And as for you and your rules, they make us look bad! Male ant eater: Phew. Diego struggles to keep above the surface]. We usually come out at night so birds don't carry us off. Fast Tony: It's all a part of my accu-weather forcast. [They move on as the ice begins to become see-through as it thins. It'II be easier on all of us if you just go with it. And they were rattlesnakes. Even references to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand become "Louisechurch". Bradford: Ellie, that gap is big enough for your brothers to get through, they'll find the others and bring them back to help. Diego: I wouldn't know. Kion: He's doing it! Chris Kratt: Now that's a little uncalled for. Bunga: Yeah. Biggest darn butt I've ever seen. And he's ahead by a tusk! Scrat reaches the top of the ice cliff and panting, exhausted from the climb when his acorn pushes into the ice, creating a crack in the ice cliff right to the bottom which it bubbles. Even babies can do it! It bites Scrat's tail, making him let go of his acorn in pain. Trunk Father: But.. Give me a break. Claw, kick. Sid: But Manny, look at the bright side. They make my life a little adventure! (walking away) Come on. Who said you four twins and the kids could torture the sloth? Duck: (amused) Duck's not even my real name. Crash shoots a black object at Jack who tries to bring his bucket down on him but misses], [Crash and Eddie trip Sid up and he lands on Diego before landing on the ground], [The possums shoot black objects at them and they and the Irelanders continuously try to get at them]. Dilys Price: I know. Then they are flung out as the glaciers finally squish together], [Scrat hugs his acorn then he screams as he sees himself falling with the heroes. A mammoth who thinks she's a possum. A start quickly slides down and ice slide before it falls towards a baby beaver. Manny: All right, keep quiet! Diego: Manny, don't squash their creativity. Lizzie Sparkes: You're right. Sunset Shimmer: The flood's on it's way here! Manny: Sid, I'm gonna fall on you again and this time, I will kill you. [Ellie walks away to join the other mammoths. You're safe! (growls), [Fuli zooms past Maelstrom many times but soon ended up on top of his jaws like with Makuu once], [Fuli tries to keep Maelstrom's mouth open to avoid getting eaten when Beshte arrives], [He uses his head to bash Maelstrom, sending him flying into the water], [Maelstrom glares at Beshte and swims away, not wanting to get beaten up by him again]. Eventually, all the water is emptied from Scrat and he falls], [Scrat falls through a chuck of ice, hits his jaw on another and eventually hits a flat ice surface, cracking it. Ellie: OK, let's go! To tell you the truth, I've always wanted to knock some sense into him. I've got the lever! (groans) Come on, fraidy cat. He looks down at her footprints. Lone Gunslinger: There is some good news though. Ellie: No brakes! Sid: I wish I know what they're thinking. Twilight Sparkle: He's as stubborn as a mule. Sid and Diego watch this with delight as Ellie stands up and the two mammoths smile at each other], [Then water quickly starts to rise over the ground they are on and up their feet, talons, paws, hooves and wheels], [The water rises up, forcing Sid, Crash and Eddie to climb up onto Manny and Ellie while the Irelanders huddle up beside one another. No, I mean it. The heroes continue running as icy spears pierce the ground behind them], [They carry on running until they stop, seeing another glacier coming from the opposite direction]. Ellie Philips: Well, Lexi, let's just say we have a few disagreements. Now, go on, scat. Sid reaches out to grab the ledge Norman and the other Irelanders are on], [He fell onto the ledge but as he sit up, he realizes that he made the platform go up like a see-saw]. You're supposed to wear blindfolds! [Crash and Eddie slide down Ellie's trunk and landed on Diego's back]. [Sid hits the two rocks together, creating sparks which falls on the vines causing them to light up the rock stature of his head], [Sid looks down to see that his foot is standing on a burning vine and is smoking]. So you need to started treating me with some respect. Sid: Fine. Manny: Okay, look. Can you pull back the tree and shoot me into the pond? Manny, Sid, and Diego are currently living in a large valley surrounded by an enormously high ice wall on all sides. [Ellie nearly knocks Manny over but she manages to pull him back with her trunk]. A large rock falls in front of Manny, Crash and Eddie, causing them to stop. Category:Transcripts | Pooh's Adventures Wikia | Fandom. [puts him back next to him]. Koki: Well, it was nice knowing you guys. Ellie: Oh. Sid: (choking) Okay. Manny frowns at it, curious. We have to go! Reply. Male Ant Eater: Kids, look! You were too piracy-induced! The bushes keep hopping until Crash and Eddie jump out and dash up a tree. Then a big shadow looms over him. I would have loved to have seen a woolly mammoth or a sabre-toothed tiger. Ellie: Me? Sid: Sammy, you just ate! Male ant eater: Okay, one, two, three... (realizes someone's missing) Where is James? Fireman Sam: Uh, actually, you were teasing Sid and being teased hurts. Look out below! The last mammoth! [They head off. Claw, kick. Fast Tony: You see, this is exactly what I'm talking about! (stammers) Well...there's your uh, butt. Crash: Well, Flutters, if Manny is too lame to do it, we could get Ellie. I'm fine. Reply. Station Officer Steele: Firefighter McKinley and Firefighter Philips, thank goodness you two are alright. (walks off), [Crash jumps up onto Eddie and into the air], [Crash lands on Diego and pulls on his eyelids]. Ellie: (glares at first then smiles) Oh, you're just saying that. Sid: Manny, Diego, guys. Manny: Okay, keep it moving, keep it moving. Diego spits Crash out]. (sees Manny, Diego, Sid and the Irelanders coming and rolls away) D'oh! Good one. Olaf would have loved this. Eddie yelps and runs towards him], [Manny, Sid and the Irelanders follow Eddie]. Diego: Manny, do you really think there's a boat? Chris Kratt: So you can be two things. Sid: (pants) Just can we slow down a little? As he moves on and sniffs along the clouds, the sound of angelic vocalizing can be heard], [Scrat whimpers as he walks on looking scared. A thousand years ago, it was covered in ice. Connor Lacey: The water's going down! [growls]. Who's going to be my wingman of mayhem? Wikis. Martin Kratt: Thanks, Elsa. [Harvey the Crane Engine uses his crane arm to pull Sid out of the hole and puts him down]. Maybe because you're a mammoth? Two! So, get used to it. The heroes look worried], [Frank and Carl charge at Manny, who readies himself. These are my toys. I need to be alone for a while. Sid: (gets up and goes back to the others holding his nose) Sheesh, well, don't that put the stink in extinction. [The animals murmur worriedly among themselves]. Manny notices Diego is lagging behind]. Chico starts making snow angels]. [Connor looks down, hoping Kion is right. Scrat opened it's beak and reach out to get his acorn. Not in front of the K-I-D-Z and the four T-W-I-N-S. We'll take care of him. Sid: Manny, you've come a long way since we met and I'II take full credit for that, but you need to let go of the past so you can have a future. Iago: I didn't see where they went it, they could be anywhere! [Then, the ice beneath Diego's feet cracks and he looks worried before running as the gap widens beneath him to reveal water. Connor Lacey: We'll have to think of how to bring Dash across land without getting eaten by those sea creatures and with water. [He look up to see two vultures watching him from a tree], [He runs to catch up with the others who find themselves surrounded by more vultures which makes them uneasy and frightened]. This is the transcript for The Irelanders' Super Adventures of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. (strains), [She went in front of Hiro and tries to push without falling off the rocky platform]. [Manny and the Irelanders glare at him, causing him to stop]. [Scrat tries to bury his acorn in a small hole. Scrat … Let's go! Martin Kratt: And it's dragging him down into the water by his tail! Come on. Then he heard the bush rustle again. Sid: Ah, they're kidding. [Manny looks worried. They look around and Crash whistles to Ellie who uses two branches to camouflage herself and crawls over to the tree before scampering behind it]. Star Swirl The Bearded: You really love adventures don't you? Manny: No, no. He backs away from her and the ice tilts because of his weight. Chris and Martin Kratt: To the Mammoth and Brakevan rescue! (puts the reed in Stu's mouth) You suck air through your mouth, you moron! Mewtwo: Tormenting Sid is not something I would call fun. Sorry. Scrat looks up to see the glacier getting closer and screams. Aviva Corcovado: Shi La! James Jones is walking around, looking for the others]. Marco Polo: Like Norman, Spud, Bill, Ben, Max and Monty for instance. Fuli: Come on! [Ellie pushes Crash and Eddie through the hole with her trunk and they fall onto the ground outside]. Diego: Not another word or I'm gonna come over there and push you over myself! Sid: Look. Sid: You're a very advanced race. Paxton: Well, Maisie, when we first came here, we came across some cave paintings that shows many prehistoric animals including Manny and Diego. Buzzie: Blimey. Read Full Post. Manny, Sid and the Irelanders have all landed in a heap]. You could've fall off. Mayday: Too bad we couldn't find other mammoths. [Toodles flies off, revealing everyone in snow suits]. Crash: It's Ellie and Bradford! Let's move on. Ellie: Come on! He carries on walking until he bumps into something hard. Pooh's Adventures Wiki. He reaches the trunk and wait as they get closer. Donald: Oh, yeah. We've gotta catch up with the others. [They head off after them. [to Manny] Say, why don't we head south together? Hiro: Excuse me but have you by any chance seen a brakevan anywhere? Jiminy Cricket: Well, at least it's over now. Spud The Scarecrow: Cor! [The kids, Max, Monty, Bill and Ben charge towards Manny, Diego and the Irelanders, who look worried and stunned], [Meanwhile, Sid is still hopping and tries to get the vine off of his legs].