I know everyone wants a happy ending but I sort of feel, that with the episodes so far, a tragic closing of this series will feel more satisfying. I think the small piece of paper in Man Bok's wallet is the pawn shop slip for the watch. After Senior Colonel took him under his wing, they may have been not unlike Man-bok and his son, which is an interesting parallel. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; There is something healing about his home's honest simplicity. Which is frightening in a villain ~. The Ducklings and Ajumma squads are my two favorite troops EVER that thankfully exist in the same drama. In which case, she might be very happy to have her long-lost second daughter marry dashing Captain Ri -- just as long as she bags him for a trophy son-in-law. ;-). Now, I'm not saying he's actively suicidal like SeRi was back in Switzerland, but he is just going through the motions of living. The danger to them, and the Rat, is never far from my mind. Just as is stated in your shoulder pads article, I wore my business suits to work like armor, but didn't go in for the extreme Green Bay Packers look. There was an earlier scene where Jung Hyuk unwrapped his camera—I was hoping for one of a sweet epilogue of him rediscovering her image! risk touching off a blood bath if they refuse to go along after having accepted his “tribute.”. But, if they met in Switzerland then Seri should have remembered him, shouldn't she? Totally agree with you two. I mean a lot, and her hair is huge. Jang Hye Jin, who plays Dan's mom, also deserves a shoutout. As the parents leave, Jung-hyuk sees Se-ri and Seung-joon walking together, so he follows them from the opposite side of the street. Wol-sook hugs Se-ri and says they’d have broken up eventually due to having such different personalities, and because Se-ri isn’t the kind of woman that in-laws like. Seri needs to let JungHyuk know about this before she leaves the country! So underrated. This was my favorite episode so far. Enjoy. Like others, I’m afraid Captain and his ducklings have just landed themselves in hot water by openly attacking the Trucks of Doom. I want her to go back. Also, when he went back and forth with his bike to pick Seri up from the ahjumma's house.. Then insisted that he was just passing by though it's glaringly obvious that he even installed the comfortable bike seating for Seri lol. Aww, Chi Soo's letter was so sweet. Then I remember him from My Ahjussi! He can't even play the piano as a hobby, which is truly tragic. "In Switzerland, JH was the stranger distracting SeRi to get off that bridge. After their feast, Chi-soo stands to recite a poem he wrote for Se-ri: When you hammer a nail, the nail goes into the wall. Mom is a former actress. We specialize in the service and repair of ships covering a full range of mechanical and pipe work Be well. I was 13 when Nightclubbing came out. But, when she is so far removed from her comfort zone and control, it allows her more vulnerability, both physically and emotionally. And since this is only ep. Higher-ups like Lt. I don't blame you one bit for being outraged. (function(d, s, id) { He mentions the fancy apartment the interrogator’s daughter was given when she got married and says that he sold his own antiques to pay for it, and that he’s done similar favors for officers even higher up the chain. I agree with you about Stepmom being Se-ri's only supporter. But I hope these two can happily live in Switzerland:)). After getting her passport photo taken, Se-ri nervously suggests that she and Jung-hyuk take a picture together, but Jung-hyuk says they have no need to remember each other. Wrong title or summary, or episode out of order, Blurry, cuts out, or looks strange in some way, Hard to hear, not matched with video, or missing in some parts, Missing, hard to read, not matched with sound, misspellings, or poor translations, Frequent rebuffering, playback won't start, or other problem. She tells him that she really is the daughter of a conglomerate family, which means that everything in her life was business. I don't like her either... She never asks or cares about what work the other person has but just keeps on making demands from Captain Ri. Has she been dissed for being fatherless? I really enjoyed this episode; it was the perfect amount of romantic tension between our leads to help illuminate their growing feelings/fondness for each other. And he remembers well. The staff pass out candles to the unconcerned patrons like this is a regular occurrence, but the lights come back on quickly. I agree that Dan is a great character. It’s kind of sweet - rather than like going with like, it’s like magnets. Even I got the same feeling that there might be a little more agreement between Jung Hyuk and Dan from their conversation. I don't mind tropes, actually -and surprisingly - I'm enjoying them. Chi-soo complains, of course, but he ends up pulling the cart piled high with supplies for the picnic, hee. 56:43. To me, it's the first-look smiling and the eventual mine in the river scene.. We were opposing against each other, and also we were in separate areas in terms of actual shooting so it was quite different for this one because this show was a lot more bubbly. @ Pat, I swooned as they walked slowly towards one another, their eyes shining with relief and affection. Even so, Oh Man-seok has managed to endow his character with an unexpected human side that surprised me. Plus he works as a theatrical director as well as an actor. Dan fires back that they’ve set a wedding date, and when Se-ri says she’ll have left by then, Dan sneers that that will be the best wedding gift ever. There are many Easter eggs, that's for sure. Yes! Each pair is made up of a SK and NK person, in which one’s suave demeanor is checked, yet also complemented... Whoops! Soo-chan is excited that Se-ri will be home soon, but Secretary Hong hopes she doesn’t come back too quickly, since he’s enjoyed having a bit of a vacation, ha. That means more for us discerning fangirls. Chul-kang tells the senior colonel that he took care of him when Chul-kang was orphaned, and got him where he is today, so he’ll stay loyal to him no matter what. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Nahkark Kaew Ep 4 ENG SUB (Glass Mask) AsianDrama. For Kim, he is definitely not easy to do so, because the brainwashing of North Korean authority's greatness is pretty imprint in his mind, so be patient. OMS is high-octane hunkiness! HAHA! Jung-hyuk says that he hopes that she forgets all about him as soon as she leaves, and that she goes back to her old life and lives well there. Just thinking out loud. It is going to be interesting how they all end up helping Se-ri. And he's hilariously adorkable -- when he's not playing deadly villains. She might have gotten it from Jung-hyuk back when they first met in Switzerland. She knows she likes Jung-Hyuk, but I wonder if she's also blind to the depth of her emotions because she's never allowed anyone in before? Who can't fall in love with such a man?! It's hilarious that SJ is either completely oblivious or maybe willfully oblivious to JH's dislike of him. Could her husband have ended up in political disgrace? This episode is my most favorite yet. Eng Sub Nahkark Kaew 6. (Ok, then she might have worn it in the bridge scene) Or did she get it for herself after she survived her crisis? I've been thinking the same thing about the wastefulness of destroying military vehicles. I only remember that Jung Hyuk's brother was wearing it when he extended his hand to Man Bok. The same holds true for Seung-Joon and Se-Ri. Se-ri has finally found someone so worthy of her love. Live a good life. Jung-hyuk grabs Se-ri and swings her around, taking a bullet in the back. 25:35. He seems to have this solidity and depth to him, even if he's in the wrong he's going to stay firmly planted there and fight for it. o Although I am rooting for the main couple and how will it will unfold ... the love story here "is" I think a bit cliche. Se-ri admits that she doesn’t understand her mood swings either. My rounded shoulders (thank you, scoliosis) benefited from a bit of extra definition. And why is she so determined to push her daughter into an obligatory arranged marriage? Ri may be using as cover while smuggling Se-ri out of the country. He could be a link. He heard her recording a suicide note. Methinks he’s in on the investigation of the truck “accidents,” which Capt. She somehow made the decision to live while in Switzerland, but it is living entirely on her own terms. I couldn't really imagine it when I first heard that...now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it. Chi-soo is the best and I have a special finger heart for him. I totally agree, Jung Hyuk has no reason to live before Se-Ri came crashing back into his life. Son Ye-jin: We’re doing our best for every single scene and working very passionately despite the cold... @ Helena, He never listened though... :P. Exactly. I'm so excited for this . It's why he's willing to protect an innocent woman even if it means his death. I just wish this show doesnt make us weep so much in the end.But i know we are going to see much worse things in store for both the leads and ducklings. @patricia PatLafougere, cc: @tsutsuloo, @nivearajen Alice Rajen, that mine in the river scene where Kwang-beom deactivates the mine at risk to both of their lives. In the epilogue, he also listens attentively for when SR’s truck will pass by so he could follow them. DramaCool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Not so fast, not only because we have 10 episodes ahead, but also the brainwashing to North Koreans as well the scare of entering NK's notorious concentration camp (not only yourself, but your whole family) really stop him from doing so. I bet the following episodes will all be cliffhangers. Although, given the current climate, I wonder how much audience are willing to suspend their disbelief. I've suspected that they will both ultimately "return to the scene of the crime" in neutral Schweiz -- where they will paraglide over Interlaken together. I love this show and these recap discussions. He's happy with his kimchi cellar and cooking outdoors in good weather. Everyone knows who Se-ri really is now, and everyone but Jung-hyuk, the ducklings, and Se-ri herself have a vested interest in making sure she doesn’t leave the country, even if it means she dies. Turn off your brain's logic circuit and ask the show to just "entertain" me. }); 4: Hyun Bin rushes to the market to find Se Ri in the dark, using the lit scented candle. - I think Dan might call off the engagement herself. And Jung-hyuk gently wrapping his coat around sleeping Se-ri... can he get any swoonier? Even in episode 1, when she said "you're just my type" just as she was about to abandon him with the mine... it's that kind of cheeky honesty that set the tone for their whole relationship. I was laughing through so much of it. "We’re still trying to get our heroine home". The same holds true for Dan & Seung-Joon. Opposites not only attract but Complement each other. There are people literally trying to kill her, and I’m going to be devastated if anything happens to one or more of the boys. Perfect timing to come to terms with certain *ahem* feelings for certain *ahem* people. Aside from adding spikes on them? It’s even funnier since Dan is so poised and guarded…the juxtaposition is perfect. Jung-hyuk's house is truly an outer expression of the inner man, and in many ways reminds me of old-fashioned farmhouse kitchens in other parts of the world. 14:46. It just gave me everything I wanted: Mr I-am-not-your-bodyguard bodyguarding like crazy, heartbreaking goodbyes and heartpounding action. Best episode thus far. I loved the ending scene so much - every expression from HB and SYJ was spot on and their chemistry is undeniable. In present day NK, SeRi is the stranger giving JH something to live for.". I think this episode totally focusses on how deeply and hopelessly in love Jung-Hyuk already is. And let's not forget when he said "piano" to the tomato plant. I don’t like Dan either. Yoon, which Seri said is a North Korean clan, is her father's family name; I would imagine that Han, therefore is her step-mother's family name. She says her relationship with her brothers is very competitive, and that they introduced her to Seung-joon, a foreign national, in an attempt to marry her off and get her to leave the country. Honestly, my only problem with her not going back to SK is that I don't want her slimy brothers and sisters in law to get their hands on SeRi's Choice ~ I hope she was smart enough to make a will stating that the company would go public, or be run by the vice president, or something. I thought it was just the side characters clunky She is her own brand, "SeRi's Choice." Tired and a little drunk, she lays her head on Jung-hyuk’s shoulder, lightly punching him when he tries to push her away. or Cant wait to know the signifance of that watch as well. It's pretty hair-raising. Mine was when Capt Pouty was cooking breakfast. As she sings sings a song about parting from someone you care about, Jung-hyuk finally arrives, and they exchange sad looks. I recall reading that Japanese citizens had been kidnapped to North Korea in exactly this fashion. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Even her treatment of Se-ri (all the “I don’t care”s) makes sense — it’s not Se-ri she has a problem with, it’s her fiance, who at the very least is spending more time with a woman he’s just met than with his own fiancee. Son Ye-jin: I think it’s a little bit more complex than just to say it’s better just because it’s the second time working together. His facial expressions also show how deeply he’s touched by Se-Ri’s singing at the picnic scene (he’s a musician after all and that’s how you reach his heart!). Holy cow. He says, just for example, that he found her after she fell from the freaking sky, then she ran away yet still ended up at his house, but he backpedals hard when Se-ri asks cutely if he wants to be her destiny. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Thank you for dredging up memories of the '80s that I hadn't buried deeply enough. He says warily that she’s a friend who’s from a rich South Korean family, and Chul-kang tells him of the plan for Se-ri to leave the country in a few days. }); I love Se-ri's bickering relationship with Ching-soo. Her mom says she’s ready for war, and won’t let Jung-hyuk’s parents have the upper hand anymore just because she’s a widow. Chul-kang is ruthless in running his illicit cross-border treasure-hunting enterprise. But, as you are leaving soon, please do me this favor. This is my first Hyun Bin drama, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like him. When they were together in the JunHyunk's room, he told her he made her a promise, to cooperate with everything that was needed and if there were anything else he could do, he would do it. Anyways, all those words just mean I like and agree with the above comments ^_^. It seemed.pretty meaningful. I like the idea of Se-ri having set up a succession plan to thwart her crappy siblings and their greedy wives. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; (I don't recall whom.) I love how they introduce themselves to each other and then shake on it - as if they were making a deal! He's caused too many problems to protect Seri. I totally agree! I'm not sure why. An arranged marriage, a position in a corrupt government? Totally brash and clueless, i really enjoy watching Dan's frustrations in dealing with her. He goes to push it away again, but she turns her face towards him and he just can't. Getting that bit of backstory to his character really helps paint a picture of his past. What the... Kim Young Min is in his late forties?!! He admires Se-ri’s contrariness. I'm just taking another wild guess here, but I think the fact that they first met in Switzerland might become important in the next episode(s). He seems unconcerned, and he calls his interrogator by name when he’s not supposed to know who he is. Chi-soo is going to be so upset when Se-ri comes back again. But Jung-hyuk tells her that even if they didn’t get along, they must feel bad that she’s gone. Yes. This rather subtle squeeze is like a major love confession – and Se-Ri’s eyes show that she understands. Seung-joon tells Dan not to be too bothered, because men don’t want to stay with someone who are upset by them.